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How To Get Free Website Traffic

How To Get Free Website Traffic

Getting quality traffic to your website is the key to making sales. That is the way to make your business a success – it’s the way to make money online. Buying traffic is one of the fastest ways to get the traffic you need. But many Internet marketers do not have the funding available to pay for traffic. And fortunately, there are some simple ways to get quality traffic to your site. This article will describe how to get free website traffic.

To start, let’s face the fact that if you are listed in Google’s top 10 for your chosen keywords – the traffic will come. So if you want to know how to get free website traffic – you need to work on your ranking at Google.

Your domain name is one of the most important steps in getting plenty of traffic. Be sure to include your primary keyword in the domain name. This will help your search engine ranking.

Now that keywords have been mentioned, it is important to carefully consider your keywords. Be sure you use your keywords in your site content. Use your keywords at the beginning and end of your content. Use them where and when they fit in naturally – but use them.

The old saying that content is king will always be relevant when creating quality website content. Google is very pleased with sites that offer original quality content. If you cannot create the content yourself you should outsource the work.

Links from authoritative sites will help your site grow in ranking. Many of the social bookmarking sites are ideal for building links. Make your outgoing links ones that count. This means they should link to quality sites and the link itself should use a primary keyword.

There are other ways to get free website traffic. You can create blogs that point to your main website. And then it’s up to you. As time goes on, one of those blogs may also become one of your main websites.

While paying for traffic can be a great way to get a burst of traffic, the traffic will stop when you stop paying for traffic. That’s why free traffic is best. This link with help you learn more about how to get free website traffic.


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Not Your Job – You Work for Yourself

Not Your Job (You Work For Yourself)

Is owning your own business right for you?

Let’s face it, when responsibilities get in the way of fun, most of us would like nothing more than to simply say that difficult or unpleasant duties are not your job, and truly mean it. And in some cases, this line of thought is what makes working for yourself/owning your own business so appealing. You no longer have to worry with what a boss wants, needs, or thinks you should be doing. You are in control.

But just a word of warning – working for yourself may not be right for you if you run from responsibilities. The reality is, if you go into business for yourself – as in, if you decide to become a freelance writer or work at affiliate marketing or another type of Internet marketing, you will have countless responsibilities.

Being your own boss is wonderful. It is a good thing. But you have to understand that you are the boss as well as the employee – at least in the beginning. As time goes on you will certainly decide that particular tasks are not your job and you will hire someone to help you with those.

Your responsibilities can range from grunt work to the glory of being CEO. And the more involved you are in each of the roles, the more important you realize each is.

Starting a business takes a lot of effort and commitment. You have to give the business the respect it deserves. This can mean long hours and most definitely, coming out of your comfort zone. And unlike a job that involves answering to a superior, you will have to be the one to set the work standards. This includes setting your hours and scheduling your work load and responsibilities.

Being your own boss has many benefits. You get to call the shots and decide when you say yes and when to say no to new things. But you have to take risks to help your business grow. The trick is, your risks should be calculated. This makes the difference between informed business decisions and simply flying by the seat of your pants.

Calculated risks and business decisions require research and exploration into the potentials related to the various pathways or options before you. Thus, you will learn as you move forward. This is true whether the venture is a complete success or it’s a complete flop.

Having your own business means you get to call the shots and you have the option of saying when a particular task is or is not your job. In the end, when you have your own business you are responsible for its success, just as you are for its lack of success.



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Your Virtual Real Estate Empire

Your Virtual Real Estate Empire

As an online marketer you are probably building an empire of websites – and that’s a good thing. Here’s why…

When you own websites you own virtual real estate. This is property that you can lease or sell. The reality is, even domain names can be sold. For that reason, it is in your best interest to carefully choose your domain names. Remember to opt for dot com extensions whenever possible. Also keep in mind that if you sell a domain the name should be useful to another person and or company.

In other words, a domain name like “JohnCHoward” may not be as valuable as something like, “BestComputersOnline”. The difference is obvious, unless your name is John Howard – or you have a business by that name, you probably wouldn’t be too interested in the domain name.

When you establish websites and manage them well enough to get some traffic and a little ranking from search engines, you can then sell ad space. Of course, depending on the popularity of your site and the location and type of ads, the rates you get will vary.

If you decide to sell a website you should first consider several things. One of the most important is of course, will the site be worth more to you sold – putting cash in your hand – or would you benefit more by keeping the site and using for your own purposes, or perhaps, selling it at a later time – after it is worth more.

Many people create sites with the intention of flipping them. This is a great way to make money. You simply put effort into the building of the site, get some traffic coming in and hopefully, a little income, and then post the site for sale.

But if you want to sell a site for thousands – tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more), you will need to ensure that your site is well established and that it ranks well in the essential ways. Funnily enough, the criteria for selling a site for its maximum worth can vary.

Some buyers may focus more on the site’s true potential. They may see what you have done with the site, but have their own plans for ways of making it better or more profitable. They may want to use the site to funnel traffic to another site – or on the other hand, perhaps your site is ideal for building out a brand they have or are working on.

It seems there are several things to consider when selling sites. One way to get through the process is by using a broker. Much like a real estate agent, this person or agency will work with you in ensuring your site is ready to be sold and they will establish its true worth. They will either guide you through every step of the process, or they will handle it in its entirety.

If you have some websites that you aren’t doing anything with, it is time to consider their potentials. As I mentioned, you may want to do nothing but keep working with them to enjoy future profits – but on the other hand, you might decide that selling them now makes more sense. In any case, virtual real estate is a worthwhile investment. Just remember – your online property’s worth is based on what you do with it.


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Do You Have Plans For 2012?

Do You Have Plans For 2012?

What Will 2012 Hold In Store For You?

Have you made plans for 2012? Do you have goals set?

While these questions may sound unimportant, they are essential to your success. 2011 will be gone soon. Has it gone the way you wanted it to? Have your met the goals you set for the year?

Now is the time to start making plans for next year.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction you probably have a vision board – or you at least know what it is. In essence, a vision is a representation of your dreams and goals. You might use a simple bulletin board or poster to create a vision board. And you can add favorite quotes, photos, or whatever it is that represents your dreams to you. The idea is to keep your passion alive for your dreams.

I recommend that you create a vision board that relates to your online goals. But rather than focusing on dollar amounts, I suggest that you focus on the lifestyle you want to achieve. Consider how you want to live – think about what the money can do for you in terms of time freedom and possessions.

Time freedom is what most of us really dream of more than money. We want to enjoy life on our terms. And of course, that may also mean that we want nice things. Who doesn’t want a nice home and a dependable car that you are proud of?

2012 will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start planning for your success in the coming year. It’s a great time to create or revise a business plan. Know where you want to go so you can plan your journey.

Take some time to plan for next year. Your success depends on it.


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Use Your Writing Skills To Make Money

From Freelance Writing To Selling PLR & More –

Use Your Writing Skills To Make Money

Over the past week I have received several emails with one thing in common – a question about ways to make money fast. Let’s fact it, Christmas isn’t that far away and that means – for many people, worries about how they will afford to provide a wonderful Christmas for their loved ones. Fortunately, you can use your writing skills to make money – fast!

As an Internet marketer, you already know that the Internet is based on written content. No matter what you are focused on online, you can use good writing skills to generate or to increase your income.

Whether your goal is to create a writing service business – to do freelance writing for others, or you want to write great web content for yourself, or you plan to create PLR products or just create your own eBooks and articles – good writing skills are essential.

No matter what niche you’re in, the better content you provide at your site, the more the search engines will ‘like’ your site. And results in higher rankings and that in turn, means more traffic. The more traffic you get the more likely it is that you will make sales. One thing builds on the other, but it all starts with your writing skills.

As a freelance writer, I know how important it is to learn about the proper way to do online writing. There are some primary differences between online content and offline content. The most important is the fact that on the Internet you only have seconds to capture your readers’ attention. That means you have to be creative, but you also have to understand the types of formatting that make content more appealing. The point is, you have to get people to read your stuff before you can benefit from what you have written.

Freelance writers that take the time and trouble to learn how to properly format their content, and how to use the basics of SEO and other specifics, usually earn between $20 and $50 per article. Those that do not work at improving their online writing skills are likely to earn $5 to $10 per article. That’s a huge difference!

Skilled writers have lots of options. They can use their skills to improve the content at their own sites, they can create great content for themselves and or others, and they can develop products to sell. The more skilled you become, the easier it will be to make money online. People with great writing skills are always needed.

If you would like to learn more about ways to earn money with your writing skills check out Write For Profit. I want to help as many people as I can so right now I am offering the full membership for a one time fee of $17. That’s a savings of $20 off the regular membership price. If you enjoy writing, this membership is definitely for you. The information is presented in learning modules, so you can easily find the exact information you need, when you need it.

Writing is a great way to earn money. And if you take the time to learn the essentials of online writing you can work from home and earn a nice income. After you master the basics of Internet writing you can easily move into an area of specialty, such as copywriting and or press release writing, or SEO writing. These ‘specialties’ allow you to command a higher fee. If writing is something that interests you then explore the possibilities. There are hundreds of new writing opportunities being posted everyday – enhance your skills and get on board this money train!


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